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Sillybull Street Fighter

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https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/v2-y8-thumbs-big-thumbnails-001/97474/big.gif Fight as and against four other street fighters in this simple fighter.

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Recent Patch For Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Adds Ultimate Grand Master And Warlord Leagues

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The new Street Fighter V Arcade Edition patch not only includes the basic foundation for the recently announced characters but also brings new features to the iconic fighting game.

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Masahiro Sakurai's Arcade Days Taught Him To Be Mindful Of All Types Of Players

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Life lessons.
Masahiro Sakurai - the director and public face of the series - is known for his tireless efforts when it comes to making video games. In a recent interview with about , the 48-year-old Tokyo-based developer discussed how his gaming experiences growing up have had an influence on how he balances the competitive and casual aspects of Smash series over the years.
In the arcades, when I was younger, there was a game called King of Fighters 95, and I thought I was pretty good. I had a 50-strong win streak on Street Fighter 2 around that time. So I was playing King of Fighters once – and the way arcades are set up in Japan, you can’t really see the person you’re playing against, because you’re on opposite sides of the cabinet. I was feeling pleased with myself because I was winning, and it turned out to be a total beginner with their partner, just trying to have fun, and I thought, ‘Oh no, I shouldn’t have beaten them so badly. Now they’re going to feel like they never want to play it again!’ It’s important to think about the beginner crowd.
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Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition - 7 Minutes of Sagat Gameplay

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The King is back! Check out 7 minutes of Sagat gameplay from Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

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Street Fighter V Update Version 2.05 Is Out Now; Adds New Playable Fighters

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Capcom has released a brand new update today that adds the latest batch of new characters to the game.

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Evo 2018 ended with dramatic Street Fighter and a controversial Dragon Ball FighterZ finish

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Here are your Evo 2018 winners from the biggest fighting game tournament of the year.

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Street Fighter V adds one classic character and a brand new weirdo

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition just got two new characters: the mysterious "president" G and longtime Ryu rival Sagat. Capcom announced the surprise arrival of G and Sagat, the final fighters from Character Pack 3, during last night's EVO 2018 Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition finals, which ended with M. Bison player Benjamin "Problem-X" Simon bringing home the gold ...]

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Adds G and Sagat Today

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will add new fighter G and returning fighter Sagat, the final two characters from its Season 3 roster, later today, August 6. Check Out the Street Fighter V's G and Sagat Trailers: G and Sagat will be available individually for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money, or as part of the...

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New Street Fighter V Gameplay Videos Introduce Sagat and G's Fiery Moves

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Street Fighter veteran Sagat and newcomer G have been released today in Street Fighter V, and Capcom is keen to teach how they move.

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