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Here's our first proper look at the Life is Strange comic sequel

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Life is Strange's official graphic novel follow-up launches next week, and we can now take a peek at how it looks.
Set after the events of Life is Strange's finale, the comic follows the Bay timeline and picks up Max and Chloe's story one year later.
I just finished reading its first issue and it's a great opener - the game's time-travelling weirdness is still causing issues, there are clues to the lingering fates of characters from the Bay ending of the game, and really it's just nice to see Max and Chloe together again - even if just on page.

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Mind palaces and alter egos get an airing in Dontnod's latest Twin Mirror trailer

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With developer Dontnod's Life is Strange 2 , work continues apace on the studio's upcoming psychological thriller Twin Mirror - and publisher Bandai Namco has just offered a fresh look at its atmospheric mystery innards via a brand-new gameplay video.
Twin Mirror's latest trailer begins as protagonist Sam Hayes returns to his hometown of Basswood, to attend his best friend's funeral. In this opening scene, we're introduced to Sam's mysterious alter ego The Double - a manifestation of his inner voice, described as "an occasional advisor and permanent wise ass". According to Dontnod, Sam's double represents the self-confidence he doesn't have, as well as his instincts for self preservation and protection.
We're also given a look at a later sequence, unfolding the day after the funeral, in which Sam is forced to enter his "mind palace" in order to piece together the events of the night before - and try and figure out why his shirt is now drenched in someone else's blood.

Twin Mirror Trailer Reveals Dontnod's Newest Cerebral Adventure

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Dontnod, developers behind games like Life is Strange and Vampyr, have released a trailer for their newest adventure game, the Bandai Namco-published Twin Mirror. We talked about it a bit and wanted to see more of the Twin Peaks-inspired story from the French developers at Dontnod.
At Paris Games Week, we finally got our wish with a new gameplay trailer, explaining a bit more about the game, to the point where actual metaphors and symbols are explained from the trailer's narration. You can check out the trailer below.
As you can see in the trailer, the gameplay has you reconstructing scenes based on half-forgotten memories and interacting with your internal monologue in multiple ways. There's also a very Life is Strange-style tone and tenor to the dialogue and the narrative, at this point fairly emblematic of Dontnod's writing.
Twin Mirror is scheduled to release in 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dontnod’s Twin Mirror is Life is Strange meets Fight Club

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Dontnod Entertainment has detailed what to expect from its next game, Twin Mirror, in a new gameplay trailer at Paris Games Week. It’s a little bit Life is Strange, a little bit Alan Wake, and a little bit Fight Club - you’ll investigate crimes and other mysterious happenings in a strange town in the Pacific Northwest, all while a self-confident alter-ego pushes and prods you along through the story.. You’re Sam Hayes, returning to the town of Basswood for the funeral of a friend. Not unlike Dontnod’s recent titles, there’ll be a big focus on American social issues - specifically economic problems in the US rust belt. Hayes is guided by the Double, a Tyler Durden-esque figure who represents our protaganist’s otherwise lacking self-confidence and provides a visual representation of his inner voices - as well as a significant supply of sarcasm. When it comes time to solve a mystery, Hayes can head into something called the mind palace - a place where he can visualise memories and piece together the truth of events. The scenario in the trailer sees him trying to piece together what happened in a hotel room the night before. If you run into an unsolvable block in the mind palace, you can hop back out to the real world to dig up new clues and piece together the truth of events.

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Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 - Roads Review - GamerKnights

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Full review of episode 1: Roads of the new Life Is Strange 2. More: "No Chloe. No Max. Words I was saddened to hear when Dontnod started to talk about what was next for the Life is Strange universe. The tales of Arcadia bay were charming, touching, sometimes a bit emotional, but hugely well-crafted despite the occasional odd line of dialogue."


The Sound of Silence: Interview With Kensei Fujinaga and Joe Kelly About ‘The Quiet Man’

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By publishing Life is Strange, Square-Enix showed it was willing to take chances on an indie game. Thankfully, the title became a success and has since spawned two spin-offs and a sequel. Because ...]

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