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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Nobuo Uematsu Confirmed To Be Working On The Game’s Music

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Incredible news for the series' fans.

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Free up storage space on your PC

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Already run out of storage space on your speedy SSD and stuck installing the latest games on an ageing hard drive you found in a cupboard under the stairs? Fear not, we’ve put together the best tips we could muster to get rid of all your storage goblins, free up as much space on your storage drives as possible, and get rid of all the needless files that Windows has squirreled away on your OS.

Gone are the days when you could squeeze the very best AAA titles onto 700MB of disk space. Instead, we have to deal with installation files occasionally well over 100GB, for example, Final Fantasy XV launched earlier this year on PC with over 150GB of install files, that’s over 200 Half Life installs from back in the day.

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Luckily, storage space has dropped dramatically in price to keep up with the increased demand, allowing us to enjoy the highest resolution textures our graphics cards can handle. One gigabyte of storage space on a hard drive back in 1998 would cost you roughly $50 - which would leave Final Fantasy’s install folder valued at $7,500. Nowadays, a gigabyte could cost you as little as two cents. Free up storage space

But while the SATA interface was supposedly all the speed you could ever need, SSDs came along and massively sped up our PCs - for a price. Unfortunately, SSDs cost a pretty penny, so keeping as much of that precious storage space clear is critical.

This Sephiroth Cosplay Brings the One-Winged Angel to Life

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CB writes: "My first gaming boyfrien ... I mean, Sephiroth from the legendary Final Fantasy franchise has been an icon for the series since his first debut back with Final Fantasy VII. The Super Soldier was a source of strife for characters like Cloud (see what I did there) and a source of fangirl swooning for the game's players (hi!). As a huge fan of this character and his story arc within the franchise, when I saw the below cosplay I couldn't just not share it. It's a moral obligation, you understand."


Toying around with Kingdom Hearts 3

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Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in development for what feels like an eternity, and though there have been various teases, trailers and hints dropped over the years, we've somehow yet to see anything substantial about the game. Until now, as yesterday in Santa Monica Square Enix invited us to go hands on with the latest mainline instalment of its bafflingly complex Final Fantasy/Disney mash-up series. There were two playable sections on offer; one short section in the Olympus Coliseum world battling a huge Titan boss, and a much longer, expanded section in Toy Box, the Toy Story themed world. The demo in Olympus Coliseum heavily featured the new wall-scaling autorun mechanic, with Sora, Goofy and Donald scaling sheer cliff faces as the Titan pelted rocks at them from above, and culminated in a boss battle with the Titan on the summit, with Sora summoning the Big Magic Mountain attraction to finish it off, which looked pretty incredible. There were some camera issues as the framing struggled to keep up with Sora in confined stretches of the cliff face and when it was vying for space with the Titan at the top of the mountain, but it was a fun showcase of the new features in KH3's combat, including key blade transformations and the bombastic attractions.
The real star of the show is the Toy Story-themed Toy Box world. This is the first time a Pixar property has been featured in a Kingdom Hearts game, and it works - there are lots of cool little details and secrets tucked away throughout the world, from hidden Mickeys to mini-games to Final Fantasy Easter eggs. In attendance with the Square Enix development team at the Kingdom Hearts 3 Premiere event in Santa Monica was Jason Katz and Tasha Sounart from Pixar, talking about their experiences collaborating with Square on the game. Sounart is an associate creative director at Pixar, having worked in the animation department since June 1997 starting with A Bug's Life. She's also worked in games, directing Costume Quest at Double Fine before returning to Pixar where her current job melds all of her past skills together - she's also a big Kingdom Hearts fan. Jason Katz is a story supervisor at Pixar and has worked in the story department there since Toy Story, and most recently he spent six years as story supervisor for Coco.
They both said Pixar was involved in Kingdom Hearts 3 from the very beginning, giving notes on the script to make the Pixar characters felt authentic to how they would actually act in these situations. Katz said it took time and trust to understand what both companies could collectively bring to the table for the finished game, and that early on, one thing they talked about was the Toy Story universe, and what it meant. Katz explained that a big part of the Toy Story films is nostalgia; nostalgia for toys that you remember growing up, or that feeling of playing with a toy as a kid, and he remembered having really great conversations talking to the people at Square Enix and asking them, "What were the toys you remembered? What were the toys from your childhood?" From those conversations, Square brought back the ideas for the Gigas, pivotable Gundam-style robots in the toy store section of the game, "And that was when it really started to click," Katz said, "that both teams were really speaking the same language. That's when you really take advantage of the time it takes to develop a really quality story."

Our First Hands-On With The Highly Anticipated Entry

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Kingdom Hearts bring a special excitement with it. Whether you get giddy at the sight of Disney characters or have spent the last 16 years piecing together every intricate detail of its spiraling plot, a new mainline entry in the series brings a certain level of fervor. Every new reveal is dissected, theories are born, and cheers (sometimes even tears) pour from fans after seeing Sora and company on screen for a new adventure. This franchise has brought a lot of people joy; it has also left them hanging to see the final chapter in the Xehanort arc. After slowly trickling out information and showing off some worlds, in particular Pixar’s Toy Story and Monsters Inc., Square Enix finally allowed hands-on for the game at a recent press event in Santa Monica. For a game that always seems off in the distance, this was a big step, making its 2018 release window seem not so far off.

Raining On A Titan’s Parade
In Kingdom Hearts III, everything is bigger, with more detailed environments and a speedier feel. Think of it as a cross between Dream Drop Distance’s Flowmotion and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - aA Fragmentary Passage, where you have to use the world around you to get the jump on enemies alongside comboing your heart out to unleash special attacks. The demo first placed me in a boss battle with a titan at Olympus Coliseum. I quickly notice movement is much more fluid and the increased verticality for this entry really shows. Sora can run up walls in a jiffy, and in one sequence, must consider his speed and placement as the titan throws huge boulders to deter his progress up the wall. That being said, be prepared for the poor camera that’s plagued the series since its inception.
Soon, I’m attacking the titan’s humongous feet in hopes of stunning him so I can attack his most vulnerable areas. The key to dealing major damage is using keyblade transformations, attractions, and links. Sora’s keyblade transformations occur by building up combos. Early keyblades only have two transformations, but later in the game, you get three. In this fight, I often activate his second form, which issues a stun impact. In another instance, I trigger Goofy shot, spinning and flinging him at the enemy. Attractions are only available at certain points and can also be activated by building up combos. Big Magic Mountain is the attraction option for this battle. Once activated by pressing a button when the prompt appears on screen, you get a to do basic attacks with the attraction, before pulling off your big finisher, which has you trying to line up your shot in a smaller area to hit the target for increased damage. At first, the window seems small to get it perfect for optimal damage, but I do better on another playthrough.
Links have now taken the place of summons and can be activated by using the d-pad. This fight is early in the game, so the only link I have is Wonder Balloon, which features Dream Eater Meow Wow, who fans know from Dream Drop Distance. Combos flow quickly and build up to specials at a speedy rate. You also want to use magic in your combos, because it gives you access to higher spells like Firaga. Before I know it, the titan is stunned and I must climb him, which is another speedy process of jumping from one gold orb to the next, to deal a deadly blow to his head. It sure feels like a Kingdom Hearts fight, damaging this larger-than-life foe by taking out specific body parts.

Enter The World Of Toy Story
The Toybox in Andy's Room is the next area where the demo takes place, and later has us escaping to Galaxy Toys. Although we saw a lot of this footage last year at D23, this is our first look at the English voice acting. It’s worth noting that the actors who originally voiced these characters are mostly absent, such as Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear and Tom Hanks as Woody. That being said, the performances do justice to these characters and match up well with the original film’s voiceovers. In Andy’s room, I face off against Heartless dressed as toys, and it’s my first real look at the power of the Infinity keyblade, which can transform into a deadly hammer that lets you knock your enemy around, making you feel as powerful as Thor. Another transformation lets you fly an unwieldy rocket with Buzz and Woody in tow, lining up your attacks to crash directly into the enemy. I also get a look at the Mad Teacups attraction here, which is just as fun as you’d expect it to be. You control the direction as it spins rapidly to knock into baddies. I should also mention parties are no longer regulated to three characters. Buzz, Woody, Donald, and Goofy can all fight with Sora at the same time.
Since this is further in the game, this is my first look at the Wreck-It Ralph and The Little Mermaid’s Ariel links. Wreck-It Ralph’s 8-Bit Blast link lets you lunge forward and topple over enemies, similar to a gorilla. He can also build. The more blocks he creates, the higher the damage he deals. Ariel’s Lagoon Showtime lets her dive and throw enemies into the air, and then you can attack them using the splash command. Her finisher is a beautiful sequence of her teaming up with Sora for a water-filled attack.

Once we enter Galaxy Toys, I get my hands on the Gigas for the first time. These are mechs that Sora can battle and control. Three different Gigas are in this demo, all with special attacks, such as the ability to launch canons, create explosions, and tackle enemies to the ground. The mechs control really well and were one of my favorite additions in the demo. Each has their aforementioned special attack, but you can also fire your guns and have a punch option to line up a hit that can make the enemy fall. If your Giga takes too much damage, you can always eject and enter another one on the battlefield. This level also has you riding on rails. Each is a different color that leads to various areas, as we saw in Dream Drop Distance. In this level, we do everything from finding a way to new areas through vents to running around on a record player to get musical toys to perform. We also fight a good variety of enemies, such as those called "Monstrous Monsters" and a creepy doll boss.
I also use this time to test out more keyblades. The Monsters Inc. keyblade, called Smile Gear, transforms into agile claws (it’s just like what it sounds like) and twin yo-yos that spin with speed to damage baddies. The Ever After Keyblade from Rapunzel gives you access to a flowery mirage staff, but the big highlight is its finisher which features Rapunzel’s tower and her teaming up with three Soras to damage an enemy. Speaking of Rapunzel, what they’ve done with her hair is amazing. She holds a great deal of it, with some of the excess she can’t carry flowing on the ground. I also manage to unlock another attraction: the pirate ship, which just like the ride sways back and forth into enemies.
So far, it’s hard to say just how the rest of the game will shape up. I like how much smoother combat feels, and there’s certainly a lot of bombastic action going on at every turn. Sometimes keeping track of all the keyblade transformations and activating them accordingly has you watching your action commands more than paying attention to what’s happening in front of you. I have no doubt this will take some adjustment time. My other observation is just how detailed the environments are and how fun it is to explore them. For instance, Galaxy Toys housed a cool video game section and even had a nod to Dissidia, the Final Fantasy fighting game spin-off. Even the fun interactions between characters I love are here. At one point, the whole party inhales helium to have high-pitched voices for a fun, optional dialogue. The game plays very in line with what Square Enix has said they wanted to achieve, from going bigger and incorporating various elements from past entries. I just hope we have a release date soon. It sounds like Square Enix may have formation for us in June.


Final Fantasy VIII Cheats Give You Unlimited Health, Infinite Gil

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If you've been playing the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII decades after the game originally came out for the...

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