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A Hat in Time adds co-op mode alongside DLC that's free for one day only

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The Seal the Deal DLC adds a new chapter, cosmetics, and the Death Wish mode.

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Beast of Winter DLC Review - An Icy Drop in the Ocean | Wccftech

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Obsidian has dropped its first Pillars of Eternity II expansion, Beast of Winter, but does it retain the core game's special spark?

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Well Would You Look At That, A Hat In Time Is Coming To Switch

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...despite the developer insisting otherwise not so long ago.
As a 3D platformer inspired by the likes of and , is the perfect candidate for release on Switch - but earlier this year, developer Gears for Breakfast posted a tweet (now removed) that suggested it would be .
Things have clearly changed, as A Hat in Time has now been confirmed for Switch release. Happy days! The announcement was made today at Gamescom, along with news relating to the first DLC for the game, 'Seal the Deal'.
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A Hat in Time is heading to Switch "soon"

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Developer Gears for Breakfast's 3D platformer A Hat in Time is heading to Switch, and there's new DLC coming to PC next month too.
In terms of the Switch release, there's admittedly not a lot to share right now: according to Gears for Breakfast's news-packed , A Hat in Time is definitely on its way to Nintendo Switch and is simply "coming soon".
Moving onto more substantially divulged matters, however, A Hat in Time's new DLC, which was a stretch goal during the game's , is called Seal the Deal, and offers a brand-new chapter's worth of exploratory platform action - this time aboard a luxurious cruise liner bound for the Arctic and staffed (inevitably) by seals.

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DOOM Eternal Will Get Post-Launch Single-Player Campaign DLC

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At QuakeCon this year not only did AusGamers have the pleasure of witnessing the electrifying DOOM Eternal reveal in person, but also the opportunity to chat with id Software's Marty Stratton about development on the highly anticipated sequel. When discussing the name itself, Marty brought up one of the team's biggest regrets with DOOM (2016) - and how Eternal would not make the same mistake twice.

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Hitman 2 will include updated versions of Hitman Season 1's missions as DLC

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Owners of Season 1 will get the updated locations free.

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All 6 Hitman levels will be remastered as Hitman 2 DLC

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Hitman 2 developers Io Interactive have just announced the Hitman Legacy Pack, a DLC package for Hitman 2 which will bring all six locations from the previous game into the new release. The Legacy Pack will be available to all owners of Hitman 2016 for free. In a press release, Io and Warner Bros confirmed that all six maps - from Paris to Hokkaido - will be accessible as part of the DLC. Rather than acting as a simple port, however, the locations will include a new progression system, and the remade maps will benefit from many of the changes coming to Hitman 2. That means that you’ll be able to hide in foliage, use picture-in-picture mode, and benefit from (or be hindered by) . There are also new gameplay items, including the dart gun and flash grenades, and new difficulty levels. A press release says that new features and modes will be continually added to Hitman 2, which, when combined with Hitman’s levels, will contribute to an evolving “World of Assassination.”

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