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Review: Battlefield V is a Return to Glory for DICE | AusGamers

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AusGamers has reviewed Battlefield V and writes: "Everything DICE has done before has been building up to this. Battlefield V is a return to the World War II era that started it all for DICEs iconic brand of all-out warfare. When its firing on all cylinders, its an undeniable tour de force. Yet there are still little self-inflicted cuts some design decisions, some bowing to public pressure, and some unfortunate recurring sins of the Battlefield forefathers that hold Battlefield V back from its true potential..."


Battlefield 5 Launch Trailer Brings the Chaos of War, Watch It Now

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DICE has released the Battlefield 5 launch trailer and it brings the chaos only Battlefield can! Watch it now.


Battlefield V Review | Gamereactor

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GR writes: "All the work DICE has done in renewing the core mechanics has resulted in an experience that feels tighter than it has done for many years."


How Battlefields Most Iconic Team Deathmatch Map Was Made

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Some might say that Battlefield's best TDM map of all time is Noshahr Canals, and we talked to DICE on how it was made.


Battlefield V's Launch Trailer Is An Action-Packed Ride

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With its original date, Battlefield V would have already been out by now, but EA and DICE decided to hold the game back a few weeks for polish. That means we're getting the launch trailer for the game now as we wait for DICE's newest foray into World War II. You can check out the launch trailer, in which the action comes fast and frantic, below.
The trailer is mostly made up of CG with bits of interspersed game footage and outlet accolades for the game. It does give you a decent idea for what you'll be doing in the new game, with seemingly a pretty heavy focus on the multiplayer aspects. 
Battlefield V's battle royale mode, dubbed Firestorm in the internal vernacular, is not expected to launch until March . That is also for the game's cosmetics.
Battlefield V releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20.

Ex EA/DICE Exec Starts Embark, a NEXON funded New Studio, to Create Cloud/AI/Streaming Powered Games

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Former EA and DICE executive Patrick Söderlund founded Embark, a new studio whose investment came from NEXON. They'll create immersive online worlds powered by up-and-coming technologies like cloud computing, advanced AI and streaming.

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Battlefield 5 Firestorm Held Back to Prevent Fragmenting Player Base – DICE

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"It sucks all the oxygen out of the room if you put too much in,” says DICE's Ryan MacArthur.

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Battlefield 5 Known Issues List

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DICE has compiled all the game errors or issues Battlefield 5 all in one place.


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