Wednesday, 14 November 2018
We watched Ninja, Logic, and Rick and Morty play Fallout 76 so you don't have to

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Last night - well, early this morning - the unlikeliest gaming squad played Fallout 76. Ninja, of Fortnite fame, American rapper Logic, and Rick and Morty - yes, the fictional characters from animated show Rick and Morty - played Bethesda's upcoming multiplayer post-apocalyptic game to a peak of around 32,000 viewers on Twitch. And it went, well, I wouldn't use the word well. Rather, it just sort of went.
The stream began at 2.22am UK time - 22 minutes late - with gameplay plus feeds that showed Ninja playing on camera from inside what I presume was his home, Logic from what looked like a small cinema screen room, and an animated Rick and Morty in the bottom right-hand corner, mouths flapping as Justin Roiland, creator of the show and voice of both characters, voiced both characters live.
It looked like this:

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